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Foundations of Balance toolkit

Foundations of Balance toolkit

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Find your balance in the chaotic world of entrepreneurship with our Foundations of Balance Toolkit. Dive into learning more about work/life balance and what it specifically looks like for you, set boundaries, and manage your time effectively. This workbook is your practical guide to taking control, setting boundaries, and making time for both work and rest. With easy-to-follow exercises, thoughtful prompts, and positive affirmations, you're equipped with the tools you need to start building a life and business that supports your well-being.


  • Discover your unique work-life balance formula.
  • Learn effective boundary-setting strategies for sustainable success.
  • Master time management techniques to prioritize rest and productivity.


  • 90-day life and business review
  • Self-coaching exercises centered around work/life balance, boundary setting, and time management.
  • topic specific journal prompts and affirmations
  • A 90-day weekly planner
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