Entrepreneurship is hard af.

Doing Everyday Well is a wellness and lifestyle company dedicated to supporting women entrepreneurs in making rest a daily priority while managing the chaos of life and business. Through practical tools and a supportive community, we help women find time for themselves. Our big goal is to enable women to spend at least one hour each day focusing on themselves so that they can achieve sustainable success in their work and personal lives.

Toolkits for everyday use.

Introducing the Take Care Toolkit – the essential tool for nurturing your well-being and success as a woman entrepreneur. Each toolkit is crafted to guide you through a themed 90-day journey, encouraging you to implement specific wellness practices into your life and business while making rest a daily priority!


Real advice, for real life.

Every week on Substack I share my thoughts, advice, and tips on how to do life and everyday well. Everything from parenting, unlearning the hustle culture, and creating a self-care routine that fits YOUR busy lifestyle. Subscribe and join in on the conversation and community.


Meet Alisha – the brains behind Doing Everyday Well